Fit out Interior Space planning and design - CK Fit Out Dubai

posted Oct 06 2016

Space planning and management is one of the most important and critical aspect interior designing. It needs loads of planning for the perfect execution in respect of space planning. Sometimes intend to move furniture and objects to make some space and sometimes we even shift our office or premises due to the lack of space.

With space planning and design of CK Fit out services, you can feel the space of an arena in your place. So before shifting your place, consult once with us for the best assessment and survey. We can make a huge change that you can’t believe.

One to shift your office or need more space in the present one, our expert team members we will give the exact result you need.

How it works

Before doing any interior we first do the workhouse appraisal where we get the whole idea of the requirements of the clients from that area. We do a thorough survey and plan accordingly if it is an existing working place, we follow the work area with eagle eyes and check with the new planning’s and find out how it will work and give your more space.

Our staff visits the place for the interior and for space planning and designing. The specialist staffs find does the inspection to find solution for the below major issues:

  • Space Management – The planning of space management completely depends on the requirement of your space. Like how much space you need for communication, how much you need for storage and how much for decoration?
  • Budgeting – Then comes the price, we will plan which place will cost you less with the most efficient space planning and which last for a longer duration.
  • Forecasting – Just planning the space as per current situation is a short time decision making. You need to forecast the growth of the company also. You need to have a flexible planning keeping the growth in mind. Now your office staff me be 100 which may arise to 150 within few months, so how to accommodate them?
  • Renovation or Relocation – Will the current location fulfill your need with space planning and renovation or you need to relocate to suffice the expanding need.

Once the complete assessment is done we prepare a report and do the planning accordingly, we have a mutual discussion with our clients and discuss the plans that we have made. The final decision will be complete to the client to decide as of whether the price involved in the operation worth it or not.

We are one of the pre-eminent interiors fit out companies UAE providing all around service regarding interior designing and that is also with the best rate as per the standard of the job.